About us

Easy Skill SAS International is an engineering and manpower company founded by two ENSAM Engineers Christopher LORHO and Pierre BUSSY.  

Easy Skill’s mission is to exceed the expectations of its customers and employees by being responsive, flexible and adaptable.

“We founded Easy Skill based on a very simple observation: People are the most precious capital of a company and they need to be recognized for their value.”

Through Easy Skill, we wanted to express our vision of an engineering consulting company: rich human interactions to meet the needs of our clients and the aspirations of our consultants. Creating trust with our partners is for us the starting point of any professional relationship.

Easy Skill aspires to be recognized as a leading player in the engineering field. We strive to be known for our competitiveness and our solutions adapted to each stakeholder. It is with these values in mind that we created Easy Skill …

Our Values

Human capital

The well-being and safety of our staff is a priority.

The professionalism

We manage our company by the quality of our services, the feedback and the involvement of our teams.

The Innovation

We constantly strive to identify and follow innovative ideas. So we remain responsive, flexible and adaptable to provide you with competitive solutions tailored to your needs.

The respect

We have an ethical approach to our clients, employees and the countries where we work. We are transparent about our work methods and the services we provide.

The commitment

By striving
for excellence,
amazing results are

We are passionate about what we do and we continually want to exceed the expectations of our customers and employees.

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