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Finding rare, technical expertise can be a nightmare.

Building a brighter future depends on building the right teams. Industrial clients depend on assembling the right mix of people and skills at every stage to ensure successful delivery. But finding rare, technical expertise can be a nightmare. When only the best will do, we’ve got you covered.

Scale your team quickly for every project phase.

Global companies struggle to deliver large, complex projects. They’ve mastered winning bids and executing technical work, but they need the right people power for each phase of the project. At Easy Skill we can help. We all know it’s people that make the difference.

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Supercharge Your Team In Two Ways

Contract Roles

  • Temporary expertise when and where you need it.
  • Flexible, rapid start talent to align to project phases.
  • Save money by paying for only what you need.

Permanent Roles

  • Eliminate skills gaps and add the right skills to your team
  • Find the world’s best talent to grow with your company.
  • Ensuring the right match across technical and cultural fit.
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Did you know?

Cost of a Skills Gap
Empty seats on your project team create delays and can blow budgets.
Of heavy industry jobs will be left unfilled by 2028.
It costs about 9 months of annual salary to replace an employee after departure. Hire faster to save money.
Statistics compiled by Easy Skill, 2021.
Leaving jobs vacant hurts
People need to grow. Professional development is the key to retaining staff.
Innovation drops by 43%
Productivity dips by 51%
Customer service strained by 42%
Statistics compiled by Easy Skill, 2021.

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“I can always count on Easy Skill to help me solve the hardest talent problems. They’re incredibly responsive and they understand my needs. They always find quality experts every single time.”
Head of Procurement, Glencore
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