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Sharing the workload with outsourced engineering is a smart move.

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Expand your in-house specialties with an outsourced team.

Large industrial projects require many highly specialised disciplines. Sometimes a portion of work falls outside of your core area of expertise. Finding and hiring an entire department takes time you don’t have and brings a steep learning curve. When you need access to a team of specialised engineering, we’ve got you covered.

Predictable project delivery relies on outsourced teams.

Managing complex projects is a hard job with many moving parts. As you increase the number of staff you manage, the job only gets harder. Instead of adding more people and complexity, outsourcing a few parts of the project is smart. It leaves your core team to free to focus on delivering more high-value work and keeps you free to do more of the work you love. At Easy Skill, our outsourced engineering solutions transfer the accountability and risk.

Outsourced Engineering Made Simple

Capacity Growth 

  • Scale a specialised team quickly  
  • Access to high calibre, experienced professionals
  • Remain focused on your core business 

Risk Management 

  • Manage operational costs 
  • Save stress and management 
  • Partner for project predictability 
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Did you know?

Cost of a Skills Gap
Empty seats on your project team create delays and can blow budgets.
Of heavy industry jobs will be left unfilled by 2028.
In 2019, 42 million employees left their jobs voluntarily, which is an 88% increase since 2010.
Statistics compiled by Easy Skill, 2021.
Rise of Contract Roles
35% of the global workforce works in a contract capacity. That’s about 1.1 billion contractors worldwide.
Contract roles are taking off. By 2027, 50% of the workforce will be in a contract role.
Over the last 5 years, the share of contract roles increased by 11%.
Statistics compiled by Easy Skill, 2021.

Leave the outsourced work to us and focus on growing your business

“Thanks to Easy Skill, we managed to resolve a major hurdle on the low voltage side in our design on the new Water Treatment Plant. We are so thankful to have Easy Skill engineering on the project to give us peace of mind and ensure our project safety, quality and overall design is not compromised.”
Project Manager, Water Authority of Fiji
Why Outsourced Engineering Matters

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