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The best technical talent can live anywhere in the world.

Need the world’s best talent?

Moving people around the world requires highly specialised knowledge.

Building the best teams means bringing in the world’s best talent. But international relocation is complex, stressful, and slow. It can be an expensive administrative hassle that leaves companies and employees burnt out. But it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to global mobility, we’ve got you covered.

Moving Talent to PNG? 

Operating in PNG since 2017, we make global mobility simple. We manage visas, work permits, contracts, and logistics so that we can streamline applications, shorten processing times, and reduce expenses.
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Relocate the world’s best talent anywhere you need.

Global companies struggle to deliver large, complex projects. They need highly specialised expertise to ensure successful delivery at each phase. With serious skills shortages, expanding the talent search across the globe is the secret to success. At Easy Skill we are experts at moving people around the world to anywhere you operate.

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Global Mobility Made Simple

Technical Aspects 

  • Visas + immigration solutions 
  • Work permits + work contracts 
  • HR advice, compliance, insurance, and more 

Experience Aspects

  • Local training + onboarding 
  • Family relocation solutions 
  • Moving + on-ground cultural support, and more 

Need expat expertise?

Did you know?

A growing number of expats
By the end of 2021, expats are forecast to reach 87.5 million.
There is a 32% growth of expats in the world.
Cost of failed expatriation up to $1M due to poor candidate selection + administrative constraints
Sending the right global people with proper expat training and support reduces failures dramatically.
Statistics compiled by Easy Skill, 2021

Quick, Simple, and Reliable Global Mobility Solutions

“Mobilising international experts can be impossible in some countries. From immigration, work permits, and local legislation to healthcare, insurance, and cultural adaptation, it’s overwhelming. When we need to ensure success and rapid arrivals, we call Easy Skill and the rest is history.”
Operations Director, CGG. 
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