The historical sector of the mine has to deal with new environmental and technical challenges.

Our strong presence in the nickel industry now extends to all extractive industries.

What is the common thread between an Airbus A350 engine, your smartphone and New Caledonia? The nickel!

The mines allow access to rare minerals which are necessary for the realization of technological projects with high added value.

In addition, coal remains the second largest source of energy in the world and is the most important source of electricity generation worldwide.

Mining is therefore carried out by developing countries, such as China, which has a leading position in production, and India, with a rapid increase of + 6% between 2013 and 2014.

Easy Skill is aware of the specific issues of this sector. In this sense, we will be by your side to continue to invent more efficient, innovative solutions and to reinvent the exploitation of the mining sector.

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