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5 Tips to Win the Engineering Talent War

Bridge the skills gap and take back control of what’s possible.
We know it’s a tough talent market out there. But building the best technical teams is essential to project success.

So check out these 5 hot tips to help you win the talent war.

Building your dream team starts here.
The power of a great job ad

Sourcing the world's best talent always starts with a brilliant job ad.

Find the hidden talent pool

The best talent is never easy to find.

Check out the softer side

Since no one works alone, soft skills can make or break.

Go bigger and cast a wider net

The global talent market gives you more chances to win.

Onboarding for long-term success

How you welcome new crew members predicts tenure.

Why team building is tough

The talent war is heating up
of heavy industry jobs will be left unfilled by 2028!
of job seekers are actually hidden and not looking for a new role.
of new teammates will stay for 3 years or longer with a structured onboarding program.


There's a serious war on talent, especially in technical sectors. Building the teams you need to succeed requires a creative approach to going to market.
- Samantha Shah, Chief Marketing Officer
Win the Engineering Talent War
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