Engineering and Technical recruitment

Recruiting in engineering is a real challenge for companies, Easy Skill is here to offer you innovative and effective solutions.

Finding the right candidate for the right mission is a dilemma for companies.

The key to better efficiency, cost reduction and stimulated activity is recruiting successfully. At Easy Skill we have developed a precise and qualitative recruitment methodology because we believe that people are the most valuable resource.

We evaluate our candidates on three criteria : Technical Skills, Soft Skills and Candidate Potential.

In addition to these three criteria, we take into account your specific expectations.

We also pay particular attention to cross-skilling aspects such as knowledge of foreign languages, linearity and coherence of studies and experience on complex projects. Last but not least, professional references are systematically checked.

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Easy Skill's Recruitment Process:

Job Description

A detailed description of the functions, responsibilities, work environment, qualifications and skills required.


Candidate Profile Description

Together, we define the ideal profile, people taking into account your specific need.

Candidate Search

Based on the job description and candidate profile (technical skills, soft skills, relevant experience, qualifications)

Easy Skill’s Preselection and Interview

Identify and interview the most appropriate candidates

Professional References

Additional screening of candidates to control work history authenticity, candidate capabilities and work ethic

Candidate Proposition

Proposition of selected candidates

Organization the interview

Creating an Employer / Employee Relationship

Recruitment Closure

Providing support for the start of collaboration

Quality Control

Obtaining regular feedback and review