We value human skills through our training offer developed by our offices to respond adequately and tailored to your needs.

General training courses

Easy Skill can set up the following solutions to improve the productivity of your teams:

  • Standards
  • Authorizations
  • Prevention and Safety
  • Software (list below is not exhaustive)

Custom training

Moreover, thanks to our network of internal, external and partner consultants, we help you to create customized training in technical and HSE-related fields.

Our accompanying methodology below.

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Custom training
Easy Skill's Recruitment Process:

Describe the context

Understand the situation of the company, its positioning and its concerns.

Defining the purpose and objectives

To highlight the benefits of the training and define the objectives of skill improvement.

Proposing an approach

Explain the method of building "results-oriented" training

Building the planning

Cuts the phases of intervention, from the description of the context to the closing of the service.

Manage the service

Define intermediate progress points and quality control indicators.

Introducing Stakeholders

Present the selected speakers (experts, project pilots) and share their responsibilities.

Presenting the budget

Detail the construction of the budget.

List of Software: