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Insights from the field: a consultant's journey in asset management in Madagascar

Today, we embark on a journey to Madagascar to meet Jacson, a consultant specializing in asset management in Madagascar for a major nickel mining company. In this interview, we delve into Jacson's responsibilities, challenges, and successes as a consultant, shedding light on the intricacies of asset management in the mining industry.
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Could you please introduce yourself and provide an overview of your role?

Jacson: Certainly. I am currently based in Madagascar, working with a major mining company. My role primarily revolves around asset monitoring and ensuring the high availability of assets within the company. 

Can you elaborate on the specific tasks and processes involved in your role?

Jacson: Certainly. My tasks include monitoring asset performance and health scores, analyzing data such as maintenance history and process performance, and making decisions based on this analysis regarding maintenance or replacement. This often involves creating flow charts to guide decision-making, considering factors such as cost and service level agreements. Additionally, I focus on minimizing asset downtime and implementing preventative measures, such as creating routine maintenance programs.


How do you gather and analyze date for asset management?

Jacson: I gather data from various sources, including IT systems and on-site observations. This data includes parameters like pressure, temperature, and flow rates. By combining and analyzing this information, I create a health score for each asset, which informs decision-making regarding maintenance and replacement.


What types of assets do you primarly manage, and how do you approach their maintenance and optimization?

Jacson: My focus is primarily on control valves, which are crucial assets within the mining industry. I analyze data and conduct inspections to ensure these assets operate efficiently and effectively. By implementing routine maintenance programs and making data-driven decisions, I aim to optimize asset performance and minimize downtime.


Could you share any successes or achievements you've experienced during your time as a consultant with Easy Skill?

Jacson: One notable success has been the implementation of a proactive maintenance program, which has resulted in significant cost savings for the company. By identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate, we've been able to optimize asset performance and extend their lifecycle.


How would you describe your overall experience as a consultant with Easy Skill?

Jacson: My experience as a consultant with Easy Skill has been rewarding and challenging. Working in a diverse environment with colleagues from various backgrounds has allowed me to learn and grow both personally and professionally. While there have been challenges, such as adapting to different cultures and working environments, I've found them to be opportunities for growth and development.


Can you describe the onboarding process and your interactions with the Easy Skill team?

Jacson: The onboarding process with Easy Skill was smooth and efficient. Michael, Account Manager at Easy Skill, provided support and guidance throughout, ensuring that I had everything I needed to succeed in my role. Communication has been key, and I've always felt supported by the Easy Skill team, especially when it comes to logistical issues or technical support.


Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us today!


As we conclude, Jacson's story serves as a testament to the rewards and challenges of the consultancy world. As Jacson, whether you're considering a career abroad or seeking opportunities for growth and development, explore here our job opportunities.


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