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Sailing An Uncharted Path

The foam of the waves leaving the beach. The effortless flow of the tides. What does the sound of the waves have in common with our passion? They are both eternal melodies. As powerful as the ocean is against the rock, the beating of our hearts drives the energy in our lives. Where our life energy takes us is our own unique journey. The path to happiness is never a straight line like for our consultant Joseph. The great unknown is where everything starts.
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Through the waves. 

Life isn’t a long calm river and neither was Joseph’s path. Being willing to brave the ebbs and flows is what it takes to find your true calling. He began his career in the French navy. This is when he discovered his unusual passion: outrigger canoe paddling a Polynesian endurance sport akin to surfing. The blend of team collaboration and athleticism together was the perfect match for him. Always moving forward with unparalleled alignment and unwavering purpose. No matter what the waves brought. This metaphor became his life motto.


Across the ocean again. 

After starting his studies in France, Joseph embraced an exchange program in Seattle, USA. As a native English speaker, this was an easy move and nurtured his passion for oceanography and forestry. He also started discovering some aspects of the professional world gaining experience in a woodworking factory, catering businesses, and (returning to his job) as a warehouse manager after graduation in Chicago.


Embracing the island lifestyle.

In 2007, his passion took him to New Caledonia where is competitive spirit was reignited and led him back to the shores of Hawaii. There he trained with the most incredible backdrop he’d ever seen for a great reason: the Molokai Hoe a race between the islands of Molokai and Oahu for the outrigger canoe world championship.  


Mooring on Australian shores.

After returning to France, Joseph was ready for more ocean adventure. He embraced a working holiday in Australia and experienced life down under. His hardworking attitude took him from working on a massive tuna longliner and later to becoming a road-train driver cruising Flinders Highway while carrying hazardous materials across tropical Queensland. He returned to France and enrolled in a master’s degree program working for Airbus Avionics procurement as a business improvement project manager. An adventurous spirit will always find creative fuels to feed the soul.


White Sand Coast.

Soon he was embarking on another adventure to explore a new pacific island: Fiji! Joseph was hired as a purchase and supply chain manager for a famous French TV show, Koh Lanta. His can-do attitude and problem-solving mindset were the keys to successfully mastering this new role. He repurposed many existing skills like multitasking, working under tight deadlines, cross-cultural management, leading teams, and diffusing stress. Everything he had learnt was incredibly valuable.


Mining on a rocky shore.

Today Joseph is still paddling now in New Caledonia. As a (Quality control manager), he ensures the quality control of Project LUCY’s materials resources and oversees the teams of subcontractors on a major mining site. In the midst of major changes at this mining plant – he’s embracing the opportunity to acquire new experiences and complex working environments have never scared him. Just like on his canoe, Joseph will reach his goal. Mental fortitude is his greatest skill. 


Becoming the lighthouse. 

Life only makes sense looking backwards, but it must be lived going forwards. Sometimes this sense of adventure takes us to the places we truly belong and unlocks magical things. No one knows all the answers in life and even those who think they do, often find good fortune in unexpected twists. Whatever you choose, it’s important to embrace novelty with a growth mindset and a healthy dose of professional curiosity.


Each new experience will teach you new things. The more experience you accumulate, the better you will get to know yourself and the more likely you are to find the things that truly make you happy. As we’ve heard many times before, it’s never about the destination, but it’s really about the journey and the person you become along the way. To quote the great Robert Frost he chose the road less travelled and that has made all the difference. It has led him mauka to makai (or as we know it from mountain to Ocean).

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