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Setting Up for Success in a Foreign Country

It all starts with a clear vision. Here at Easy Skill, since our mandate is transcending borders it’s been clear from the start that global was the name of the game. Becoming an international company involves setting up shop in new countries and emerging markets. When it comes to establishing a new presence in a developing nation, there are many learning curves. We entered Papua New Guinea 6 years ago and are happy to share some of the key lessons learnt along the way.
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Teaming up to achieve more. 

The best innovations are derived by spotting challenges and being brave enough to prototype a solution. Our co-founders embarked on the same journey. Chris and Pierre began their careers in the industrial sector. Chris was involved in a major oil and gas project in Australia and Pierre was a business manager supporting complex staffing challenges around the globe. It became apparent quickly that all universally, heavy industry companies were struggling with technical staffing challenges. And so they founded Easy Skill.


Dreams without borders.

Bridging the talent gap nationally within France was a great way to prove their business model. But as we are well aware, connecting global talent with local opportunities is where the magic happens. After establishing the company in 2014, international sights were next in New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2015. Southern Australia ensued in 2017 followed by Brisbane in 2019 and Mozambique in 2020. And sights for more later this year.


The allure of PNG.

As a people partner that supports technical projects and people, the booming mining industry in PNG was primed for Easy Skill’s workforce solutions. With abundant natural resources like copper, gold, and silver mining was vital to the economy. Rare raw materials like nickel, cobalt, chromium, iron, and platinum were also present in PNG. The country’s natural environment adds complexity to establishing mining operations, requiring specialist knowledge and expert talent.


Entering the PNG market. 

Setting up in a new country is not an easy task. But the opportunity to aid in the country’s economic development and future prosperity, was an opportunity worthy of exploration. Entering PNG means helping to build the local community, while creating opportunities for local talent and at the same time, helping companies to reach their potential. Some key industrial projects include:

  • Wafi-Golpu Gold Copper Project: the mine contains one of the highest porphyry copper deposits in southeast Asia. Owned by Harmony Gold (South African) and Newcrest Mining (Australian), it hasn’t yet reached its best development stage.
  • Lihir Gold Mine: the major gold producer operated by Newcrest Mining (Australian). The estimated resources are expected to operate for +20 years.
  • PNG LNG: commercializing natural gas resources and operated by ExxonMobil PNG. Boasting a capacity to produce more than 8 million tonnes of LNG for shipping annually.


Trying it on for size. 

Experience is everything. The best way to understand the country better is to visit. An entrepreneurial conference in Port Moresby was the perfect reason to visit. The developing nation, early-stage projects, and rich natural resources were green lights. Now Chris needed to figure out how to select the right local partner to launch Easy Skill PNG. Spinning in a sea of different faces, conversations, business cards, and smiles created many options.


The answer is right in front of you. 

Networking is a great way to meet more people and definitely the way to meet the right people. That’s exactly how Chris met Graham Rix and began a conversation that would change the future­­­. “As fate would have it, I started talking to Graham about the PNG LNG prospects and the impact for investors,” shared Chris. After starting up a business in PNG a few years earlier, Graham had learnt a lot and was happy to share these pearls of wisdom gained from his experience.


The power of building trust.

Being well established in PNG, Graham had a lot of insider knowledge on how the local market worked, who the big players were, cultural differences, and more. As a global workforce solutions provider, Easy Skill was offering to fill a void in the market by bridging the talent gap. Promoting productivity through people was a service industrial companies needed urgently in order to realize their ambitions.


Entering the PNG market has been a big undertaking. Sharing our passion with the local professionals has been a key to thriving and growing. Now our managing partner in PNG, Graham has helped us to create opportunities for consultants and clients alike, while also building a better future. We’re also proud to have a busy office that creates employment opportunities for locals, giving them international business experience.


Sometimes opportunity knocks when you least expect it. Being ready for adventure and opportunity requires an open mind with a growth mindset.

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