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The Unpredictable Adventures of Life as an International Consultant

From one mission to another: trust your instinct. Many view working as a consultant as a risky option, with the uncertainty. Working for a fixed time period means there’s an end in sight and what happens when it’s over? For those who value job security above all else it might not be the best move. But it can also be an incredible springboard to accelerate your career. More experience in diverse settings is a shortcut to becoming an expert! A page with blank spaces gives you the opportunity to constantly evolve, adjust your direction and take your career to the next level.
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In it for the long haul. 

Adrien Bernard has been one of our talented consultants since April 2019. His assignments have taken him to various industrial sites throughout New Caledonia. “As a procurement specialist, I’m at the heart of challenging projects where I can constantly improve my skills,” shared Adrien. His different missions have instilled a deep sense of open-mindedness and a flexible mindset that helps him thrive with every company. Although a typical consultant spends an average of 10 months on assignment, at Easy Skill we pride ourselves on continuing to create opportunities to further our consultants’ career aspirations.  

Emotional intelligence leads to a growth mindset. 

Life is like an ever-changing theatre production with different characters. One secret that makes Adrien incredibly successful is his passion for live entertainment and performing arts. The skills learned in creating powerful productions that captivate audiences have enabled him to express himself effectively in any context. We all know the key success in life lies in communications and creating the perfect work life balance is the recipe for maximum engagement. “I appreciate that Easy Skill has been able to customize my missions to fit my personal schedule,” confessed Adrien. 


A Caledonian taste in various sectors. 

Starting his career in New Caledonia, Adrien quickly discovered the import/export sector as well as the mining and food and beverage industries. These experiences have given him the foundations to evolve into procurement, which has always been his goal. Now working in the mining industries, Adrien appreciates the challenge and importance of his role. “The strong community stakes make the mining field the most challenging sector for a procurement specialist in New Caledonia” he confides.  


Technical assistance and career advancement. 

Proud to bring his local expertise to the mining giants, Adrien appreciates the added value of local subcontractors. “The position of a consultant in a large company allows me to remain detached in certain situations and truly focus on delivering outstanding results.” Sometimes taking a step back helps us to see the big picture and create the best outcomes for the organization.  


No finish line on the horizon. 

Currently Adrien is building up his profile by preparing an APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) in order to achieve his bachelor’s degree in procurement. No one knows what tomorrow holds and that’s the best part according to Adrien. He’s excited to continue his professional journey with Easy Skill in New Caledonia and maybe even take to the skies when the travel restrictions lift.  

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