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Making an Impact: Meet 3 Women in Leadership

Women have proven repeatedly that they deserve a seat at the table along with their male colleagues. Across key leadership traits like intelligence and innovation, most people find women indistinguishable from men. To add to the mix, women bring a unique blend of soft skills like compassion and organisation that makes them well-suited to leadership roles. Yet despite the research, reality is still playing catch up with only 2.8% of leadership roles belonging to women.
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Benefits of women in leadership. 

Including female leaders is a ripe opportunity. Businesses are beginning to understand the value of embracing diversity at the top. The trend is shifting from a sense of obligation (a.k.a. the right thing to do to) to a strategic decision (a.k.a. the key thing to do). Plus diverse leadership brings different perspectives, which leads to better decision making all around. The business case is clear. 


Women excel at:

The power of inclusion. 

Change starts from within. To combat a shortage of women in leadership, it comes down to strategic workforce planning. Since 2013, around 300 companies have implemented stand-alone gender equity strategies. There are obstacles and biases to female advancement that require dedicated internal policies that encourage women in senior leadership roles. But it’s not a matter of filling a quota. Becoming a high-performing company that unlocks the power of gender diverse executives requires a dedicated company-wide commitment.

At Easy Skill, we’re proud to have Emma-Jane Freychet to lead Human Capital. Having a strong woman advocating for gender balance is a great step towards ensuring gender diversity is consciously considered globally. As an expert in organisational design, culture, performance, and supporting employees so they can excel, Emma has made a commitment to actively sponsoring rising women.  

At Easy Skill we believe in the power of people. It’s not only how we serve our clients, but it’s our core philosophy. At every company, it’s always people that make the difference. And the same is true for us. We’ve seen tremendous growth recently and with that growth comes a responsibility to ensure women are represented not only in leadership, but at all levels of our organization.
Being an entrepreneurial company, we thrive on ideas. And we know the best way to embrace innovation is to bring different people together to challenge each other constructively so that we can transform the future of work. Gender diversity is an essential component of innovation.

Women make great leaders. 

By hiring, mentoring, and promoting women from different backgrounds of the company, provides a formula of success towards gender balance. The focus here is: mentoring. Mentoring in the workplace has . Actively investing in raising frontline leader capabilities, especially among women, is an important step to encourage women to rise.

Meet Jothen Kili who leads our office in Papua New Guinea. She joined us as an HR & Recruitment Specialist and her natural leadership talent became evident quickly. In just over one year she was promoted to become the Office Manager and oversees the team’s daily activities. As a woman embracing her journey into leadership, Jothen recounts the support she received that helped her transition with ease.

I have always had a passion for people and joining Easy Skill has challenged me to rise to the occasion. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow. When I was offered the chance to lead the office, I seized it right away. I knew that I could count on the global leadership team for support and mentoring. 
Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking backwards, I can see my natural leadership tendencies underpinning many areas of my life. It’s incredibly rewarding to step into the right job and now to pay it forward by coaching the team to develop and grow as well."

Women bosses bring in profits. 

A new study shows that companies increased their market value by an average of $80 million with a female CEO. So if it pays millions to place women at the helm, companies need a solid game plan to encourage women to join the C-suite. It takes serious work to increase the ratio of female management players and conversely, companies who reduced the gender balance saw market value reduction. Female leaders are necessary to achieve greatness and who would know better than Samantha Shah, Easy Skills’s global Chief Marketing Officer.

As a CMO, I help companies grow by aligning people behind a shared vision. The formula to build powerful brands starts on the inside. After all, if your employees don’t love your company, how will your customers? Creating a great place to work that inspires employees to make their best contributions every day is the mission.
At Easy Skill we’re here to help clients promote performance through people. We solve workforce challenges and transform people into a competitive advantage. And we believe in walking the walk, so we practice what we preach. We’re excited to be a great place to work, build a career, and to make a difference in the lives of so many."

The world of work has just gone through a serious shake-up and as we recover from the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to address gender balances. For companies looking for a leg up on the competition, gender diversity is a secret weapon. Progress isn’t always rapid and the World Economic Forum expects it will take 170 years to reach gender equality globally. And every step forward counts. Women in leadership are elevating revenue, value, decision quality, performance, profitability, and more. We’re excited to take our business to the next level with balanced leadership. Are you ready?


In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, here’s a message from some of our Easy Skill Women in Leadership. They lead by empowering people, inspiring innovation, and challenge the status quo to shape a better future! We’re better together.

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