April 18th • 2 min read
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Turning Two is Twice as Nice

Building great teams is what we do best. And today, we’re celebrating a personal success story near and dear to our hearts. Zoé Braun, our Content Marketing Specialist, officially turns two today at Easy Skill. Originally hailing from France and now a legend in our New Caledonia office, she’s been on quite a journey. To celebrate her anniversary, we caught up with her in a candid conversation.
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The formative years. 

When we asked about her childhood career aspirations, she responded effortlessly with wanting to be a hairdresser! Well, that was surprising. So we dove into this a little deeper and learned that she finds joy in helping people feel good. She honed this skill further while working at a holiday resort living in paradise. A foreshadow of what was to come perhaps.


The passion was born early. 

Zoé’s love of writing about complex subjects dates as far back as age 16 as an enthusiast of German literature. Talk about a tough challenge! Later on in university, Zoé became fascinated with human behaviour. Studying behavioural motivations captured her full attention and she’s never looked back. Her academic focus revolved around how to catch other people’s attention and inspire them into action. Clearly a pathway into a marketing career.


Taking to the skies. 

Like many of our core team and our consultants, expat life is highly contagious. We asked what inspired Zoé to move abroad and it was an unexpected epiphany. With her parents already living it up in New Caledonia, she often experienced pangs of envy. Until one day when she realised the only thing holding her back was herself. The rest is history.


Was it the right move? 

Of course weren’t shy to ask the tough questions. We asked if she would do anything differently if she could do it again. She didn’t hesitate for even a second. She’s found her happy place and she’s excited about the world. She found relocating effortless and found a wonderful circle of friends, an appetite for adventure, and a rewarding place to progress as marketer. "Living by the sea is more precious than gold," she coyly revealed.


Advice for others. 

Even though we know Zoé’s loving life in New Caledonia, she’s happy to share a few tidbits of wisdom for others considering taking their careers abroad. The most important thing she’s learned is to trust her gut. Since we usually regret the things we didn’t do, she’s fueling her passion for adventure and leaving no stone unturned. This is the best decision she’s made so far and she’s excited to see where the future will take her.


It’s hard to believe it’s been 730 short days since Zoé joined the crew and helped Easy Skill take flight. She’s made a tremendous impact in just two short years and we couldn’t imagine life without her. On this joyous occasion, we’re proud to celebrate our colleague and friend Zoé. Here’s to you.

Samantha Shah

Chief Marketing Officer

Our chief value creator with a knack for finding meaning everywhere. She bends words to create clarity while making a lasting impression. She can also make you laugh. An exiled Canadian now living in Australia, she enjoys the heat but misses snowboarding and the apres ski.

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