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We Are Embracing The Industrial (R)evolution. Stay Ahead.

These are the hardened faces of the shadowed workers we associate with the industrial world. Just like my grandfather and like so many others, miners have always provided the resources that lead us to the comforts of our lives. Today we look to you with gratitude. Because you put in the hard yards. By the strength of your arms. By the sweat of your brow. We relied on you and you delivered.
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We often like to talk about the tech sector as a booming new area of innovation for trades. And the industrial world is considered as a dinosaur legacy created from the last industrial revolution. But when we reflect further, it’s clear how tech advancements determine what our industries can actually create. They have always worked together and they still do. Let’s explore how.


The industrial economy shapes history lines. 

The birth of iron and steel production began in Europe in the early 1900s. After World War II, European countries elected to bond themselves together sharing common assets to ensure peace in the region and long-term prosperity. It was a smart move to avoid another massive world war. The European Union was founded as an area of trade in 1952 binding our industries: the European Coal and Steel Community.


A major collapse in an instant. 

The French-German border was a constant conflict zone and also housed two major coal and steel regions: Lorraine (French) and Saar (German). Increasing international competition brought about bold new standards, tightening the operating rules for existing plants. They were forced to modernize their performance while reducing workforces. The impossible pressures lead to a demise in economic activities from the 1970s and many steelmaking plants closed down.


Workforces migrate around project sites.

Throughout history, skilled people have chosen to travel to work sites for major projects, including industrial developments. It can be a tough decision to leave your home, friends and family. After all, familiarity breeds comfort. But the allure of adventure, opportunity and prosperity will entice talented people to go abroad.


An example close to home. 

Today, we’re delighted to share a personal rendition of this tale with the introduction of Françis. He started his career in Eastern France during the 90s. After seeing an unravelling of the industries in the region, he decided to forge a new path. Uprooting himself was a smart decision that enabled him to avoid the crisis and build his strong self-reliant spirit.


Be an expert and unlock your potential. 

Françis believes that you don’t need job security to find fulfilment. The uncertainty faced by working on different assignments can be liberating to your potential and sense of adventure. Not knowing what tomorrow holds allows you to head in directions you never imagined. This mindset is part of what makes him a #perfectmatch in our consultant team. “I love being an Easy Skill consultant. Jumping from one assignment to another is very challenging and drives my own excellence and accomplishments,” says Françis.


Do it with passion or don’t bother. 

Françis became a Maintenance Expert specializing in rotating equipment. He’s worked across chemical, oil and gas, and pyro and hydrometallurgical industries. Although his career progressed quickly to managerial positions, it didn’t provide fulfilment. Françis’ hands-on nature fuels his passion for his craft and enhances his technical expertise, which is really what motivates him the most! “If you don’t take risks, you don’t feed your interests,” he shares.


Mining first, technology second. Or? 

Just like the mystery of the egg and the chicken: who came first? Interdependence makes it difficult to choose, just like in the mining and tech industries. Raw material is needed to create tech products like manufacturing batteries for our devices. And at the same time, the mining sector is evolving to optimize performance with tech innovations like real-time tracking, maintenance insights, data analytics, etc. Integrated operations centres are becoming increasingly valuable and the pandemic has shown that remote work has incredible potential as we’ve seen with travel restrictions.


The best is yet to come. 

The tech sector is booming and the world is changing. Between hydrogen-powered vehicles and electric cars, we see solutions emerging to tackle the challenge of mobility and sustainability. “We are seeing a shift in many countries within Africa, where oil and gas investments are shrinking. I believe we will witness a new industrial revolution with hydrogen technology,” declared Françis. We’re excited to see what the future brings when the industries follow the trends and consumers continue to answer the call.

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