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Exploring Mining Projects in Madagascar: Key Considerations and Obstacles

Madagascar's rich subsoil contains valuable ores for the development of new technologies and renewable energy. Though the island is full of hidden economic treasures, it also faces social, economic, and technological challenges. In this article, we delve into the status of mining projects in Madagascar.
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Madagascar's rich subsoil contains valuable ores for the development of new technologies and renewable energy. Though the island is full of hidden economic treasures, it also faces social, economic, and technological challenges. In this article, we delve into the status of mining projects in Madagascar.


Nickel, cobalt and rare earths sourced from Madagascar


Madagascar boasts a plethora of valuable minerals that are now crucial in modern times. Subterranean deposits within the island encompass an array of precious minerals, including:

  • Nickel is a versatile metal that is commonly used in the production of stainless steel. It's also a crucial component in the manufacturing of high-powered Lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly found in electric vehicles and other high-capacity energy storage devices.
  • Cobalt plays a critical role in the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries for our electronic devices, as well as in the production of metal alloys and industrial chemistry.
  • Titanium - a versatile material widely utilized in aeronautics, aerospace, and medical industries.
  • Rare metals that play vital roles in the production of electronics, military gear, and sustainable technologies are called rare earths. Although they are often combined with other minerals, these components are referred to as rare earths because they occur naturally in limited quantities. For example, neodymium, which is found in Madagascar, allows for the creation of high-quality permanent magnets required for wind turbines and electric vehicle motors.
  • Uranium is commonly utilized as fuel in nuclear reactors.
  • List of valuable minerals includes graphite, chromium, zircon, rutile, and vanadium…

To demonstrate Madagascar's significance in the production of crucial minerals for the energy transition, it should be highlighted that the island ranks as the 6th largest global supplier of rare earth minerals, surpassing major producers such as Brazil, Russia, and India.

Mining actors identified in Madagascar


Madagascar's mining sector has been magnetizing numerous international industrial groups since the 1990s, when it underwent liberalization. At present, the key players in the sector are:
  • Ambatovy is a nickel and cobalt mine situated on the east coast of Madagascar. It is operated by a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation, Sherritt International, and Korea Resources Corporation.
  • QMM is a mine located in southern Madagascar, rich in minerals such as ilmenite, zircon, and rutile. This renowned mine is operated by Rio Tinto, a multinational mining company with a strong presence in the international market. Ambodilafa - This is a vanadium and titanium project located in southwestern Madagascar. The project is operated by the Australian company Neometals. 
The island is home to a multitude of mining sites owned by various international companies, including Australians, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Europeans, Americans, and Canadians. 

Madagascar's mining sector: Valuable assets for development


Madagascar is a desirable location for international investors seeking to develop its abundant mineral resources. Some of the island's key assets that make it an attractive destination for mining include:
  • The abundance and variety of ore deposits in the area ensure a secure and sustainable investment for our resources.
  • Essential Minerals for Energy and Electronics in High Demand for Future Strategies
  • Accessing Local Labour Made Easy
  • The proximity to Africa allows for easy access to essential materials and industrial equipment.
  • Environmental and social regulations that enable the implementation of large-scale industrial projects.

Challenges facing Madagascar's mining sector


Although Madagascar's mining industry has the potential to benefit local communities and the environment, significant hurdles must be overcome to achieve this. Here are the key challenges that manufacturers in Madagascar must address in order to transition towards sustainable mining practices.

  • Restrict the practice of employing children in mining.
  • Enhance the education and training of young people.
  • Disrupt the skillsets of the nearby workforce.
  • Enhance vital infrastructure by developing energy, transport, and drinking water systems.
  • To decarbonize their energy production, companies can choose between gas-fired power plants or renewable energies.
  • Enhance the consideration of environmental impacts associated with mining activities. This includes effects on flora, fauna, natural habitats, underwater life, and pollution through harmful emissions.
  • Industry professionals should consider shifting towards Green Nickel production as it can significantly enhance production processes and improve working conditions.

Easy Skill has extensive experience working on mining projects in Madagascar, and we understand the unique challenges faced by industrialists in this region. As a result, we have established a permanent team on the island to specifically assist large mining groups with their operations.
  • Training and Coaching Services to Enhance Local Workforce Skills
  • International Team Mobility: Enhancing Skills and Experience Across Global Mining Sites
  • Contribution of Unique High-Value Skills Unavailable in Madagascar
If you're seeking information on our support for the mining industry in Madagascar, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is ready and available to assist you promptly.
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