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It Takes One to Know One. Personal Experience Always Wins.

As a long-standing Electrical Engineer, Mickael Crom started his career on a major shipbuilding facility in France. Looking for an exotic twist, he came to New Caledonia and enjoyed a challenging career on several major industrial sites on the island. After having completed yet another assignment in New Caledonia, he was preparing to return to France when some of his former colleagues insisted he stay to lend his expertise for their active project.
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People before projects.

He felt compelled to contribute not only for his own personal satisfaction, but his ability to positively impact the health of the New Caledonia mining industry. Driven by his strong professional conscience and deep knowledge in Industrial Electric Power and Instrumentation, he instinctively knew how the entire production equipment on-site needed to be used properly and maintained for expert results. Extending the lifecycle of highly specialized mining equipment means a lot to the entire value chain from the people operating it daily to the whole country, it has a domino effect.


Rising star. 

Mickael needed to start working quickly, Easy Skill was able to answer the call. Thanks to our local networks and responsiveness, he joined the Easy Skill team in 2016. He was a consultant on the major mining site near Koné for a year and enjoyed it so much that he hoped to find a way to stay in New Caledonia. After some exploratory discussions with us here at Easy Skill, the answer emerged. We wanted him on our internal team and asked him to lead business growth in Noumea. Mickael was energized by the opportunity and quickly planted successful roots locally causing the business to bloom.


“I was inspired by the challenge of growing a people-focused business like Easy Skill that was helping so many candidates and clients alike,” shared Mickael. He enjoyed leveraging his trusted relationships within the industry to connect companies with the right talent to make their projects successful. After achieving an incredibly amount of success in business development, he eagerly accepted his next challenge as our national Operations Director in 2017.


Through personal experience emerges real truth.

As a previous consultant, Mickael had first-hand knowledge of the real ins-and-outs of life in the field. He was the ideal expert to share an authentic experience of working with Easy Skill both as a consultant and also directly seeing the impact of his work on the organization. Taking a personal approach with each and every one of our consultants is something we’re especially proud of. In Noumea, almost half of our internal staff began as an Easy Skill consultant. A shared experience always creates a powerful bond.


People are priceless. 

It’s people that make the difference not companies. Unlocking people power comes down to striking the right balance between process and autonomy. At Easy Skill, we believe that everyone can make a difference and we’re always excited to see how. “Leading the team in New Caledonia is the best challenge of my career yet. I delight in helping them to achieve goals and they consistently impress me with their innovative ideas!” exclaimed Mickael. Committed to continuous improvement, Easy Skill is always hunting for new ways to improve how we work both internally and for our clients.


Pivoting to respond to change is how we thrive. 

Business is not a long calm river; this is what makes it so exciting. Unforeseen challenges will always arise in the future. We can count on it. So if the unexpected is inevitable, the best strategy is to focus on our agility and flexibility. Continuing to create opportunities to improve skills or take on new career challenges is something Mickael takes to heart.

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