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Leading for Change – a New Pro at the Helm at Easy Skill

The world is always changing and so are we. Today we’re delighted to announce the appointment of Jonathan Martine as Operational Director for France and Africa. A natural leader, a visionary, and a technical engineering expert, Jonathan is a pro at helping companies unlock the people power they need to shape the future.
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Jonathan first joined the Easy Skill crew back in 2020 with his heart set on helping more clients in new markets. By nature, he is a pioneer and a paver of new pathways. Challenging the status quo is how he lives every aspect of his life, which made him the perfect addition to the team to lead global expansion. In his newly appointed role, he will be entering new markets like Senegal, Gabon, and Mozambique while also driving growth within the French regions.


A natural problem solver.

Jonathan certainly has the technical chops after spending a decade in the world of engineering. But he noticed a global challenge for technical companies rests in building the right teams to align projects and people. “People are the ones who make a real difference no matter what industry or business. Companies rely on the strength of their people to create positive outcomes,” shared Jonathan. Joining the Easy Skill team was a natural fit for his personal career observations and shared values.


Well-cultured with a global mindset.

Gaining international experience has been a transformative experience that contributes significantly to his professional success. Between spending time in the USA, Tunisia, and the Congo, he’s learned the essence of cross-cultural collaboration and diverse teams. “My time spent in the Congo impacted me the most. It helped me to learn a new perspective on humanity,” he shares. Putting people first is his personal philosophy with clients, candidates, and the internal team. This people-centric approach to creating high-impact opportunities for companies and consultants is what has earned him a trusted reputation with his clients today.


Leadership and building people up.

Over the years I’ve learned to manage technical engineering requirements and projects with relative ease. But my most rewarding challenge is up now and that’s learning how to lead outstanding teams of people to achieve remarkable results,” divulges Jonathan. Excited to take on this new role, he’s looking forward to the growth and learning opportunities that come from building and leading international teams.


“The future is an unwritten story and every day our daily actions shape that story,” said Jonathan. “It’s an exciting time to take a bigger leadership role during this rapid growth phase. This chapter will be the most exciting one yet.”


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