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The 6 steps to integrating technical support talent with Easy Skill

Being reactive when starting up a large-scale project, remaining agile when adapting to each phase of an industrial project, bringing together the right skills to meet the many technical challenges... These are the not-always-easy challenges facing the technical and HR managers of industrial groups on a daily basis. But did you know that integrating one or more technical assistance consultants into your projects is both quick and easy?
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Here's how Easy Skill can help. 

Easy Skill provides technical assistance to a wide range of industrial clients, with over 130 consultants working for customers such as Glencore, Total, Thales and Vinci. 

These worldwide projects are managed from our offices in New Caledonia, Australia, France, Madagascar, Singapore, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. 

Here's our complete 6-step process for setting up technical assistance on your projects:


  1. The brief
  2. Search for the right profile(s)recherche du/des bon/s profil/s
  3. Validation meeting
  4. Contract signature and consultant start-updu contrat de prestation et le démarrage du consultant
  5. Skills develpment and training
  6. End-of-assignment management and knowledge capitalization


1- The brief


You can contact us via our website or directly at one of our offices. We will promptly arrange a meeting with your technical team to discuss your requirements with one of our experts. 


During this interview, we will discuss :
  • The skills you're looking for
  • The mission for which you need expertise
  • The location
  • Start-up deadline
  • The duration of the assignment
  • Management style


With all these elements in hand, our expert can clearly define your needs and launch an internal search for the right consultant from our qualified and up-to-date pool. 

This step facilitates the rest of our work and goes beyond the simple job description to project our consultants into their typical week.


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2 - Search for the right profile(s)


You may need a single consultant or an entire team. Once the information has been clearly expressed during the interview, we call on our in-house pool and our network of experts to identify and propose the best profiles with the right combination of skills, availability and interest in the assignment. 

Only when this combination has been validated will the consultant be introduced to you, so that you are presented with a competent, motivated consultant who is ready to hit the ground running.

It's important to note that our priority is to make available to you our internal network, which is our primary pool of skills. The consultants we know well are not necessarily present on conventional job boards, and cannot be identified and introduced by other technical support companies. 

We only "hunt" for our consultants on Linkedin and other job boards when our own consultants and experts are not available. That's your guarantee of hand-picked, relevant consultants.


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3 - Validation meeting


At Easy Skill, we believe that if we do a good job upstream, a single meeting is all it takes for you to approve the consultant(s). 

This meeting brings together your project/technical representative, an Easy Skill manager and the selected consultant(s).


It allows you to:

  • get to know each other
  • discuss technical aspects of the project
  • validate the fit of the consultant or team of consultants with the mission

mise en place assistance technique

4 - Contract signature and consultant start-up


Following the meeting, the budget proposal for the assignment is drawn up and the start-up date defined. One of the great advantages of technical assistance is that a service contract is signed between you and Easy Skill, rather than an employment contract between you and the consultant. This is a key point that allows you to free yourself from a large number of formalities and stay focused on your project, so you can move ahead more quickly. 

At Easy Skill, this whole contractualization process is entirely digitized between the customer and Easy Skill, so that assignments can start in just a few days.


"For one of our customers in New Caledonia, we received the request on a Wednesday, and quickly found the right profile during the day thanks to our network in mainland France. The administrative formalities were settled on Friday, and our consultant was on the plane on Saturday to start work on Monday at the customer's site, accompanied by an Easy Skill manager." Pierre Bussy - co-founder of Easy Skill


5 - Skills development and training


Throughout the duration of the assignment, Easy Skill strives to train and develop new skills among consultants on assignment. This enables them to bring new strengths in line with your needs. 

It also ensures that our team is always up to date with the latest technologies, so as to provide maximum added value. We also have our own e-learning solution for managing inductions in security, IT, workplace compliance, etc., which you no longer have to manage or program.


6 -  End-of-assignment management and knowledge capitalization


Finally, technical assistance offers a major advantage at the end of the assignment. Once the assignment is over, you don't have to pay for the consultant's departure, as you would for the termination of an employment contract and all the related formalities. 

However, the end of the assignment is a key moment to which we pay particular attention. Our aim is to manage the consultant's exit upstream, to prepare for the capitalization of information and knowledge acquired within specially designed tools.

Ultimately, we make sure that knowledge is collected and passed on to your teams and to future consultants who may be called upon to continue the project.


Conclusion: To be able to react quickly and adapt to the constraints imposed by your clients, we put in place a well-established process to provide you with the best possible support and build the best team for each phase of the project. If you'd like to find out more about technical assistance and what Easy Skill consultants can do for you, contact us today.



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