Easy Skill PNG’s visa services

19 May 2020

Is your PNG Work Permit and Visa due to expire?  Do you have enough time to prepare your documents?

At Easy Skill PNG we provide Immigration & Visa services to meet any requirements. We are committed to oversee all procedures from preparation check, lodgement and tracking for all client work permit and visa applications.

Apart from New work permit and Visa Entry services, we are also providing Work Permit and Visa Renewal services to new and existing companies that require efficient renewal services for their Residential Expatriate Employees and dependents.


Type of Work Permit and Visa Renewal Services:

  • Work Permit Renewal Application Processing
  • Employment Visa Extension Processing
  • Dependent Visa Extension Processing
  • Work Permit Amendment Processing
  • Bridging Work Permit (Promotion/Internal transfer)
  • Visa Change of Status
  • Visa Transfer and Extension Processing from old passport to new passport (done after work permit is amended with new passport details)
  • Special Exemption Visa Extension Processing


Our dedicated team of skilled Migration Specialists are prepared to assist and guide you through the whole Work Permit and Visa Renewal processes:

  • Providing accurate information on Work Permit and Visa Renewal requirements in order to comply with government regulations
  • Reviewing and Assessment of Documents
  • Document facilitation
  • Lodgments
  • Tracking
  • Overseas Consular advice


The Benefit of providing your renewal documents and supplying to Easy Skill Team to facilitate the process will save you time and cost. It will also reduce the risk of you having to:

  • Depart the country
  • Overstaying the visa
  • Pay penalty fee
  • Face Deportation


There are many businesses in PNG providing permit and visa services. I can confidently say the team at Easy Skill is the best, they are not only efficient and fast, but extremely knowledgeable.

Nathan Herbert
Group General Manager
Pagini group of companies


Stay informed and UpToDate with the constant WP and Visa Changes

The mission of Easy Skill’s immigration team is to ensure all businesses and individuals are informed of new requirements, the time management to prepare and process documents, in order to minimize risk and avoid stress.


Do you want to talk about your challenges with our Migration Specialists?

Victoria and Sidney will be happy to help, you can message them


















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