Graduate Survey: How do we leverage the challenge of accessibility?

10 April 2020

One of the challenges faced in conducting the Papua New Guinea Graduate Skills Survey was accessing people living in remote communities across PNG.

One of the challenges Easy Skill PNG faced in conducting the Papua New Guinea Graduate Skills Survey was accessing people living in remote communities across PNG, many of whom had limited access to the internet. The survey, conducted from December 6th 2019 until February 22nd 2020, was to provide the opportunity for skilled people in every province of PNG to register for future employment opportunities.

To meet the challenge of gathering this information Easy Skill identified local ambassadors and engaged the support of the national daily newspaper, the Post Courier, and the International Education Agency of PNG (IEA).

The International Education Agency is a PNG owned NGO accountable to an elected Board of Directors and is one of PNG’s oldest and largest providers of education, managing 17 schools and four vocational colleges across the nation.

The IEA agreed to support the survey by having their schools and colleges promote the survey and operate as survey collection points for paper based responses.

In recognition of the support IEA schools provided to the Graduate Skills Survey Easy Skill provided each school with a 500 kina sponsorship to assist in the purchase of sporting and educational resources.

 “As an education provider, the IEA recognises the importance of accurate labour market data to assist in labour market planning. The IEA welcomed this opportunity to support Easy Skill gather information on skills across the nation. Consolidation of survey results will build a better understanding of the PNG labour market and contribute to more effective targeting of training and education. IEA School Principals also appreciated the sponsorship received for their contribution.” according to Chris Jones, Manager IEA College of TAFE in Port Moresby.

In addition, our partnership with Post PNG played a great role in the Graduate Survey’s Success. With 43 Post offices across the country and in every Province, it gave a great visibility. With a large majority of PNG citizens living in remote locations, the relay at the Post made the survey largely accessible.


“We benefited from a lot of good feedbacks from the public. People kept on asking for the forms after the end of the Survey.” affirms Vincent Kora, National Retail Manager at Post PNG.

We are delighted to hear the positive feedbacks from the PNG Post staff in different locations.

“One challenge we faced was to explain to the participants that the forms do not guarantee a job, it’s only a survey.” underlines Vincent Kora. 

For Post PNG, this partnership with Easy Skill was a way to offer a service with added value to the public. We appreciated the visibility offered by the Post PNG Facebook page to spread the word, as shown here:

Easy Skill wishes to thank all participants who completed the TEP PNG Graduate Survey. It has been a huge success thanks to our 50+ ambassadors, TVET and IEA school partners nationwide and the support of Total E&P PNG.

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